Volunteer & Internship

Join CCCD in Supporting Our Work in Cooperative Education and Development!

CCCD welcomes applications for internships or volunteering. Interns gain hands-on learning experiences but do not receive monetary compensation. Interns who are selected will work with staff to create a job description so that they have a defined focus.

Following are some of the areas where CCCD interns and volunteers have previously assisted:

  • Research related to addressing economic and social issues using the cooperative business model including: agricultural cooperatives, housing cooperatives, child care cooperatives, worker cooperatives and other co-ops.
  • Economic feasibility studies or business plans.
  • Graphic Design: Creating promotional and educational materials using Adobe InDesign compatible software.
  • Conference or event planning: organizing and implementation.
  • Data entry and building databases.
  • Grants: identification, writing, and submission.
  • Social Media: Promotion and education of cooperatives and CCCD.
  • Writing and reviewing articles.
  • Website development and maintenance—For CCCD and cooperatives we develop
  • Videography—Cooperative education
  • Cooperative Development—includes assisting with the development process in specific cooperative sectors or projects (for example housing, agriculture, farming, worker co-ops, child care)

Requirements and Skills

Ability to communicate and present ideas clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with people of diverse cultures; and possess excellent computer skills in word processing (and, as applicable, in other areas such as spreadsheets, databases, adobe suite or other programs).  Must have the ability to work independently and be a team player.

Student internships are best suited for students who are juniors, seniors or in graduate school and have a major related to the area of work. We also welcome applications from non-student volunteers.

Time Commitment        

Internships range from 10-12 hours per week for a minimum of 2 quarters (or 6 months).  Hours are flexible but generally involve traditional work hours and may include some evening and weekend hours if schedules permit.

Benefits Available to Interns and Volunteers

Excellent opportunity to learn about all aspects of operating a non-profit and to learn about the cooperative business model. Gain experience in the area of your internship--grant writing, business development, communication skills and work with people who come from many different backgrounds. Opportunity to initiate, develop, and complete one specific project; or work on an existing project. Working can help you to integrate classroom knowledge with real-life experience.  Outstanding method of demonstrating your skills and expertise and generating a tangible product to showcase your ability.

How Do I Apply?

To apply, please complete this application and submit it via email to: info@cccd.coop