Press Kit

CCCD encourages discussion/reporting about cooperatives.  In general, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding about the cooperative business model, and we are committed to helping media correct this.

The California Center for Cooperative Development (CCCD) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that promotes the cooperative business model to address the social and economic needs of California communities through the development of cooperatives, education, training, and technical assistance. CCCD serves as a resource about cooperatives to the public, media, and others interested in additional information.

CCCDs advocacy and promotion of cooperatives includes using this member-driven, democratically-governed model to create opportunities for disenfranchised groups and to build local economies through job creation, home ownership opportunities, enterprise expansion and developing sustainable local food systems. Cooperatives build local economies and stronger communities.

Contact Us
For all media inquiries, please contact our office at (530) 297-1032 or to be put in touch with the appropriate person.