April 28-29, 2019 - Sacramento, CA

California Center for Cooperative Development
Venue: Sacramento Scottish Rite Temple
6151 H Street, Sacramento
(530) 297-1032 coops@cccd.coop 


CCCD promotes cooperatives as a vibrant business model in California and beyond.  We work with established cooperatives and groups that are interested in forming cooperatives by providing education, technical assistance and specialized events. Our staff is available to answer your questions about cooperative development, contact us!

Cooperation is making a difference all over California


Cooperative Development Assistance

CCCD helps people use the cooperative model to cooperatively accomplish what they may not be able to achieve on their own. CCCD provides assistance to groups wanting to create affordable home ownership opportunities by starting a housing cooperative, or to parents who want to form a child care cooperative to gain affordable, high quality care with hours or other options that fit their needs. 


Education and Training for Cooperatives

Cooperatives share many characteristics of other businesses but they are also unique; for this reason one of the seven core cooperative principles states the importance of ongoing education and training for members, elected board of director, and staff.  CCCD offers training and support that help cooperatives thrive. CCCD offers education in a variety of ways, including annual conferences.

Generating Empowerment and Wealth in Under-served Communities

Generating Empowerment and Wealth in Under-served Communities

CCCD is committed to bettering the lives of under-served groups through the development of cooperatives that create jobs, home ownership opportunities, child care, and more!  Cooperatives bring needed services to communities, and they are also a source of empowerment for the disempowered.