2019 Co-op Conference Interview -Bruce Mayer-


The next person in this series is Bruce Mayer from Wegner CPAs! He and his firm have worked with and provided tax and accounting services to over 200 cooperatives throughout the country. Bruce was also a speaker at the conference, leading an informative workshop on the “Impact of Tax Changes on Cooperatives”. He shared with us some of his favorite things about the conference! 

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into co-ops?

“My name is Bruce Mayer and I work at a CPA firm, Wegner CPAs. I started out in co-ops many years ago working at a little food co-op and I’ve lived in housing co-ops and started doing accounting work for them.”

What are your favorite parts about this conference?

“I really like hearing people’s stories about their co-ops, the conversions, and how they’re solving problems. It’s really interesting to hear about all the different ways that people go about co-ops.”

What would you recommend people to do while they’re here at the conference?

“I think that the sessions are good but really, it’s the in-between session parts [that] are really good. You just have to try and talk to as many different people as you can because you’re going to find somebody who’s dealing with the same sort of problems that you are and maybe has a solution for you.”