2019 Co-op Conference Interview -Eva Carrillo-


During the conference, staff and interns went around and briefly interviewed some of the attendees about their experiences in cooperatives. The first person in this series is Eva Carrillo, a worker-owner of the Yolo Eco-Cleaning Co-op.

Could you tell me your name and a little bit about yourself?

"My name is Eva Carillo and I started working at the co-op about 2 years [ago]. I liked the idea [of YECC] because it’s eco-friendly and I started [because I wanted to] try it out and I liked it. I like the opportunity for[sic] being an owner, having it be ours, and the possibility to be with our family too. And also, all the opportunities that this can bring to us, like [there are] a lot of workshops or [how] every day we learn something new."

Did you have any experience working as a cleaner before YECC?

"No, before I applied for the position, I didn’t have any experience, only at home. But I learned every day."

What do you think has been the most challenging part about being a member in a worker co-op?

"The [most] challenging is we don’t know nothing[sic] about business and about finances, so it’s hard."

Do you have any advice for anyone that wants to join YECC but doesn’t have any experience and feels intimidated?

"I would say to them that each job, you’re going to learn something. If you don’t have the experience or you have kids, in this co-op, we understand the challenges to be a mom. There is always a way to work it out for everyone and [make sure that they] feel welcomed to the co-op."