2019 Co-op Conference Interview -Zulma Giron-


Next, we interviewed Zulma Giron, another member of the Yolo Eco-Cleaning Co-op! The interview took place in Spanish and was translated by our intern, Valeria. She was a little shy as she spoke to us, but her love for YECC and her excitement for the conference was clearly conveyed.

What organization are you here with?
“We come to represent YECC.”

Where are you located?
“We are located in Davis.”

What do you do?
“I am a member of the cooperative and we clean houses.”

What areas do you serve?
“In Davis, Dixon Esparto and Woodland. We have thirteen members in the cooperative.”

How long has this cooperative been going on?
“I have been with them for seven months and the cooperative has been going on for about two years.”

Okay, so not too long. Sounds good. Before this have you ever heard of anything similar?
“I used to clean houses for someone else but a former co-worker called me about this cooperative and so I decided to join. And I like it, it’s really great.”

How did you meet your friend?
“She was a coworker at my second job. She recommended me and talked to me about cooperatives and I thought it was a really great idea.”
Is this something you would suggest to others?
“Of course I would, the work is great here!”

What are the good and bad of the cooperatives?
“I really like it because it is very flexible, you can choose your own hours and when there is an emergency, someone is always there to pick up your shift. Since we are a team we resolve conflicts with each other’s help.”

Do many of you have families?
“Yes, many of us have children and some members are only able to work from 9-3 or 9-4. And some are available until 5pm. We also clean offices, churches and schools.”

As far as the conference goes, you were here with the Spanish speakers, correct? How did you think it went? 
How can we improve?
“It was all great! All perfect, I loved it. It was my first conference and it was honestly really great.” 
Really? Anything you would suggest we fix?
“No, really, it was great! And the food was great! I like a large range of food.”

And the conference building, how did you like it? 
“It was easy to navigate, not difficult at all.”

I have been told that we have a difficult building and you had to travel a lot to get to the different rooms.
“No, this was great. This way you distract yourself a little walking from one room to another instead of staying in one room the whole time. I liked it; not sure what the other girls thought of it, though.

Final question, what would you say to a friend?
“That I loved it, it was a great event.”