Longview mobile home co-op a model for saving low-income housing

Katie Fairbanks | Aug. 7, 2019 --For years, Margaret Vockrodt and her neighbors at the Columbia Trailer Court asked in vain for the park manager and owner to repair leaking water lines, solve drainage problems and tear down an empty ramshackle home.

Their requests were often ignored, and the park off Oregon Way was plagued by patches of overgrown weeds, buildings chipping paint and unfilled lots.

Want to know what you're buying?

Ed Townley | Jul. 23, 2019 --The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently recalled 62,000 pounds of beef due to an E. coli outbreak, creating a nightmare for big grocery chains nationwide.

But for the millions of Americans who shop at food co-ops, there’s nothing to worry about. These small grocers obtain their meat and produce from a handful of trusted, local farmers.


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