Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 8:00am to Friday, February 2, 2018 - 3:30pm
Sunday, April 28, 2019 (All day) to Monday, April 29, 2019 (All day)

Join us for our annual co-op conference in Sacramento! This multi-sector co-op conference serves diverse interests through concurrent workshops that are easily accessible for both co-op novices and experts. The conference includes workshops for consumer and worker co-ops on a range of important issues, courses on starting a co-op, and information on using the co-op model for community and economic development.


APRIL 28 – 29, 2019:  SACRAMENTO, CA

Share your expertise, knowledge or unique story with other cooperators!

CCCD is seeking presenter proposals for the 2019 California Co-op Conference. Presenting at the co-op conference allows you to contribute to the co-op movement, to interact with amazing people, and to participate in the conference for free or at reduced costs.*

Conference workshops should focus on promoting, starting, and effectively operating cooperative businesses; or sharing a story about an innovative or interesting cooperative. Workshops can be applicable to all kinds of co-ops, or targeted to specific sectors.  The conference will include special emphasis on the following sectors:

• Worker Cooperatives or Democratic ESOPs (including conversions)

• Housing Cooperatives

• Consumer Food Cooperatives

• MCLE accredited workshops for attorneys (presented in a manner that is also valuable to non-attorneys)

How to Apply

Please complete and submit the Call for Presenter Form by Midnight PST, Sunday, Dec 2, 2018 via email: We welcome proposals for workshops consistent with the themes presented below.   

Below are general workshop themes:

Co-op Governance and Communication -- Help leaders effectively make decisions, communicate, or monitor the financial performance of their cooperative.  We encourage workshops across the experience spectrum.

Cooperative Basics & Start-up -- Effective approaches and strategies for starting a cooperative, including the conversion of an existing business to a cooperative.  An important area in start-up includes the many ways that start-ups can be capitalized. 

Legal Issues in Cooperatives -- Preference is given for workshops that will qualify for MCLE credit.

Finance and Equity Issues -- Funding strategies for start-up, growth or for special purposes.  Workshops that help existing co-ops manage and grow equity or to use it in productive, innovative ways.

Cooperative Culture and Member Engagement -- Strategies to maintain a positive cooperative culture and help members stay involved from start-up through growth and change. 

Co-op Case Studies -- Detailed accounts of co-ops that present meaningful lessons for strategies to emulate and those to avoid. 

How Co-ops Promote Economic Development & Address Community Needs -- Designed for Economic/Community Development Professionals, City Staff and Elected Officials, sessions can share examples of initiatives, projects and strategies.  We especially welcome proposals about limited equity housing cooperatives. 

Advancing the Co-op Movement -- Big picture ideas, examples and strategies.


*Full-day conference fee is waived for solo presenters who present one workshop, with half-price fee for the second day; full conference fee is waived for 2 solo workshops. Workshop panels of up to 3 participants each gain 50% discount on the conference fee. Further discounts apply for presenters who participate in more than one workshop or panel. For questions or concerns, please contact CCCD.


Become a Sponsor of the 2019 California Co-op Conference!         

The California Co-op Conference is the only California conference that brings together co-ops of different types to share and learn together.

The conference offers a unique opportunity to showcase how this democratic business model is used to promote local sustainability, economic development, equity, and economic alternatives to “business as usual.”

  • Make your presence known as an innovative leader and a supporter of cooperative enterprise!
  • Demonstrate your support of cooperatives, economic development, and community wealth creation!
  • Network with and communicate directly with new clients in an intimate, relaxed atmosphere!
  • Impact your community by promoting a business model that naturally embodies triple bottom line economics!  


--Sponsorship Tiers--

Cooperative Meal Sponsor - $3,000 and above

This sponsorship includes the Cooperative Superstar recognition, plus a tabletop notice of sponsorship and verbal recognition before lunch.

Cooperative Superstar - $2,000 and above

Your co-op’s name and logo will receive prominent recognition in the conference:

  • Website
  • Social media communications
  • Printed Brochure
  • Printed Agenda & Program
  • Signage at registration
  • Signage at the podium & main conference hall
    In addition, you will receive
  • Two complimentary conference registrations
  • Verbal recognition at the conference
  • Space for promotional materials for entire conference & Friday evening social (open to the public)

Cooperative Champion - $1,500

Your co-op’s name and logo will receive distinct placement in the conference:

  • Website
  • Social media communications
  • Printed Brochure
  • Printed Agenda & Program
  • Signage at registration
  • In addition, you will receive
  • One complimentary conference registration
  • Space for promotional materials for the Friday evening social (open to the public)

Cooperative Booster - $1,000

Your co-op’s name and logo will be included in conference:

  • Website
  • Social media communications
  • Printed Brochure
  • Printed Agenda & Program
  • Signage at registration

Cooperative Sparkplug - $500

Your co-op’s name will be listed in conference:

  • Social media communications
  • Printed Brochure
  • Signage at the conference registration


To arrange a Sponsorship, Call 530-297-1032, or Email



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