CCCD Staff and Interns

Back Row (L-R): Melissa, Angelica, Kim, Tae, Jarrett, Patsy, Brantlee, Luis

Front Row (L-R): Zinneta, Alice, Scott, Kyra, Jamie, Kimberly

E. Kim Coontz

Kim is Executive Director for the California Center for Cooperative Development. She has been working with cooperatives for more than 20 years. She was executive Director of Yolo Mutual Housing Association for four years. For more than 14 years Kim worked for the Center for Cooperatives at the University of California at Davis. Kim's experience includes assisting groups in the start-up of cooperatives, teaching cooperative board governance seminars, providing technical assistance to cooperatives, conducting research, writing and endeavoring to find new ways to grow and strengthen the cooperative business model. She has authored and co-authored more than 10 publications about cooperatives and written numerous articles. These include Cooperative Start-up manuals (Steps to Starting a Marketing Cooperative, and Steps to Starting a Worker Cooperative), and a book on child care cooperatives called Bringing Families Together: A Guide to Parent Cooperatives. In 2011 Cooperative Preschools International presented Kim with their National Award for Demonstrated Leadership. She has also published articles on housing cooperatives. In 2004 she was awarded Author of the Year by the National Association of Housing Cooperatives. Kim earned her Master’s degree in Sociology from the University of California, Davis. 

Luis Sierra

Luis is Assistant Director for the California Center for Cooperative Development.  He has extensive experience in developing agricultural marketing organizations to carry out alternative marketing strategies including agricultural cooperatives, farmers’ markets, and investor owned businesses. Luis worked with the Rural Development Center in Salinas, CA to train mixed fruit and vegetable farmers to organize their own cooperative and later became an employee of that cooperative. He has extensive experience in coordinating multi-stakeholder initiatives such as food policy councils and farm-to-institution networks. For two years, he co-hosted and produced Local Dirt, an acclaimed radio show on KDVS focusing on local agriculture and food security issues. He serves as treasurer for Dos Pinos Limited Equity Housing Cooperative, and was a director for the Organic Farming Research Foundation from 2003-2008 and Marina Certified Farmers’ Market from 2003-2005. 

Patricia Keehan

Patricia is the Office Manager/Bookkeeper for the California Center for Cooperative Development.

Angelica Medina

Angelica Medina, Cooperative Facilitator, has been with CCCD since 2016 and focuses on serving and supporting one of CCCD’s Build and Recruit worker coops: Yolo Eco-Clean Cooperative (YECC). Angelica was active in the launch of this green cleaning worker cooperative and works to facilitate the co-op’s business development, supporting members in learning all aspects of being and becoming owners, ensuring that the business is in good financial standing, mentoring and problem solving with members, responding to potential and current client needs, marketing the business, and assisting with fundraising. Angelica has an AS in Business Administration and an AS in General Education Social and Behavioral from Woodland Community College.  Angelica is also a graduate of the complete Art and Science of Cooperative Development program offered by CooperationWorks!

Kevin Crooks

Kevin brings to CCCD a combination of experiences in farming, teaching, and research focused on agriculture.   As a cattle and goat producer on his family’s farm in North Carolina, he developed breeding programs for Brangus cattle and Boer goats as well as forage feeding systems. In Jamaica, he started a processing facility with a marketing cooperative for lamb and goat, and designed a national farmer producer network to support that effort. In his academic experience, he designed and implemented agricultural training systems and conducted research on agricultural innovation transfer and social networks.  He received his undergraduate degree in international studies from American University, a master’s degree in agricultural development economics from the University of Reading, UK and a P.h.D in agricultural development economics from the University of East Anglia, UK.