Events - Annual Conferences

Our annual events include the California Co-op Conference and the Agricultural Cooperative Directors and Executives Leadership Training Program. To learn more about these conferences, please see our past events.

Upcoming Events

  • Agricultural Cooperatives Directors and Executives Leadership Training will be provided online over two weeks Between January 18 and January 29, 2021. Please visit again for specific dates and timesupdates. Confirmed Topics:
    • Governance:Building Better Co-op Boards

Engaged cooperative directors develop good relationships among themselves and with their CEOs. Dr. Greg McKee will discuss what it means to be an engaged director and the efforts engaged boards make to advance their cooperatives. Topics include CEO and director evaluation, and CEO succession planning. Participants will engage these topics in discussion and in a variety of interactive activities.

  • Case Studies in Strategic Thinking:
    • Bard Valley Date Grower
    • More to be confirmed soon

Past Events