Video: Welcome to the Worker Co-op (English y Español)

Ever wonder what happens when workers band together to achieve the same goal? Welcome to the Worker Co-op offers the basics of the worker co-op in a brief, engaging video.

When workers join together to achieve the same goals, great things happen. Meaningful work includes doing work you enjoy, earning a fair wage, having a say in how the workplace operates, and equally sharing the profits. All of these are possible in a worker cooperative!

Welcome to the Worker Co-op walks you through the unique features of the cooperative business model and how they empower workers, uphold democratic decision making, and pave a path for workers to financially benefit from the time and energy they put into their work. Watch this video to take an inspiring peek into the basics of worker cooperatives.

The video is a product of cooperation: project leadership and script provided by the California Center for Cooperative Development, video creation and production was contributed by Colorfool films, the project was financed with grant funding from the State of California Employment Training Panel SEED grant.